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A’s Schedule: Week beginning 6 June 2022

After a 1-9 home-stand, maybe a road-trip will help?

You don’t need to be a baseball expert to understand that losing nine of ten games does not make for a very encouraging home-stand.

The good news is, the A’s aren’t playing at home this week.

The bad news is, that doesn’t magically mean we will start playing any better than we have done over the past 10 games.

What’s coming up?

Mercifully we get Monday off, but the A’s then head to Truist Park to take on the reigning World Series champions, the Atlanta Braves, for a short two-game series. The team then heads on to Cleveland for a four-game series that concludes with a ludicrously early start on Sunday.

One of many great ideas the geniuses in the MLB Commissioner’s Office have dreamed up for this season is to split out random games to different streaming partners in the U.S. In the name of making each one ‘special’ in some way, the games being shown on Peacock are early on a Sunday. That means A’s fans in the Bay Area will see the game starting at 8.35am, whilst we will have the very odd sensation of a game starting at just gone half-past-four in the afternoon (*).

Fingers crossed the A’s will put in a good performance – maybe, dare I suggest, even get a win – to make it all worthwhile.

Koenig gets the call

Whilst laughing at our own misfortune makes dealing with the pain slightly easier, we all knew what we were in store for this season and that we would have to look for whatever bright spots we could find.

One will come on Wednesday in the form of Jared Koenig making his Big League debut.

Koenig has taken a circuitous route to reach the Majors, including four off-seasons spent playing in the Australian Baseball League. The A’s signed him to a Minor League contract in 2019 and he has worked his way steadily through the ranks.

He has been excellent for our Triple-A Las Vegas Aviators team this season so he has more than earned this call-up. Whatever happens in the game, it will be a great story to see the 28-year-old finally taking the mound at a Big League ballpark on Wednesday.

(*) Note: the Peacock broadcast doesn’t affect us in the UK and the game will be available as usual on MLB.TV.

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