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Catching up …

Catching up on some A’s news

It’s been a busy week for one reason and another and, with the English Premier League also starting up again this weekend, keeping up with everything A’s related has been a little more difficult than usual.

I’ve had a nice relaxing hour this Saturday morning catching up and thought I would perform a public service by blogging about the main things that caught my eye.

Elvis has left the building (temporarily)

Elvis Andrus isn’t going to be with the team for the remainder of the weekend for the very happy reason that his wife is expecting their third child. The timing’s a slight shame as the Rangers are inducting Adrian Beltre into their Hall of Fame on Saturday and part of the reason this date was picked was that Elvis would be in town with the A’s to share the moment with his former teammate.

There’s no word yet as to who the A’s may call on to add a player to the active roster, although this will probably depend on how Josh Harrison is holding up with his quad injury. Vimael Machín would be the obvious candidate as he’s already on the 40-man roster and can play shortstop.

Pinder Powering Back

Elvis’s absence has come a bit too soon to coincide with Chad Pinder’s return from injury; however the positive news is that he will be back fairly soon.

Pinder will head to Vegas to start a rehab assignment on Sunday, with the plan being for him to get 5 games or so under his belt before being ready to go.

Arizona welcomes Wendelken

I think we were all surprised at the news this week that the A’s had designated J.B. Wendelken for assignment. What none of us would have been surprised by is that he didn’t clear waivers and, in fact, was claimed straight away by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The A’s had to clear someone off the active roster to make space for A.J. Puk – and boy are we glad to see him back and looking great – so someone was going to be disappointed. Wendelken wasn’t one you would have guessed would go, though. J.B. has had his ups and downs this season, but he’s got clear potential to be a good MLB relief pitcher for years to come.

I’m doing my best to enjoy this season and not to worry too much about what’s to come, but moving on a relief pitcher who is about to become arbitration eligible for the first time isn’t a great sign for where the budget is going to be set over the next couple of seasons.

Good luck to Wendelken with his new team.

Khrush Komeback?

Khris Davis has gone 3-for-8 in his first two games with the Las Vegas Aviators as he attempts a comeback with the A’s. Bob Melvin was asked about KD’s return yesterday and his comments set expectations at an appropriately modest level for now.

“There’s no timetable or plans, at this point, to get him here. But he wanted to play for us again, and we’re hoping that it goes well”.

Bob Melvin – as quoted on

Unless he goes on an absolute tear – and here’s hoping he does – there’s not an obvious path onto the active roster for him this season. Part of me thinks it’s as much about getting him back into some form ahead of a potential modest one-year contract offer for next season, again working on the assumption that the team may trade away some key players and take a few steps back.

It’s not what we want from our billionaire owner, but if that is going to be the case then we want at least some things to enjoy watching and KD potentially launching some bombs at the Coliseum would definitely keep the spirits up.

A’s picked to be on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

ESPN have announced that the A’s game against the New York Yankees on Sunday August 29th has been chosen as that week’s Sunday Night Baseball game.

Okay, we all know this is as much about the New York Yankees coming to town. And we are going to have to put up with plenty of condescending comments in the coverage. However, being in that primetime slot is a cool thing for our players who rarely get that opportunity, so we shouldn’t be too negative about it.

Whilst it would normally be a shame for us that the day-game has been moved to a later start time, it actually works out perfectly as Monday 30th is a bank holiday here in the UK. So there’s no reason not to stay up and watch the A’s on ESPN, although maybe with the sound turned down!

AUK featured on the Coco Crisp’s Afro Blog

And finally, Gary Trujillo kindly reached out recently with the offer of doing an interview with me for his great blog Coco Crisp’s Afro. You can read the article here:

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