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Latest podcast episode and plans for our first Twitter Space

Latest podcast episode

We’ve had lots going on over the past couple of months so it’s taken us a while to get back on the podcasting pace, but we’re back on it now and plan to put up a new pod every fortnight for the rest of the season.

To make up for lost time, Dom and I recorded a bumper episode during the past week where we reviewed the A’s first half and looked ahead to what the team might be able to achieve the rest of the way.

The episode is available via all the usual podcast places or direct from our main podcast site here:

We’ve also just uploaded an excerpt onto our YouTube channel:

Nickname needed!

During the podcast we looked at all the main players on the A’s roster, including our back-up catcher Aramis Garcia. He’s done a good job subbing for Sean Murphy behind the plate, but we had to pull him up on his dress sense!

Garcia has a habit of wearing the most dull, boring, cheapo-looking grey chest protector imaginable. He also often looks like he wears whatever bits and pieces are going spare (like the arm sleeve he wore recently that was completely the wrong shade of green!).

So, we feel he needs a nickname. All suggestions welcome either in the comments here or on Twitter and the one we like best will receive an AUK goody-bag of some pins and stickers.

New Ideas

The recent podcast lull was largely down to me not having the time to put in the preparation and editing/production to the level that I like. Much as we do it as a bit of fun, I’m still always minded that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. If the choice is between cobbling something together quickly or missing a few weeks then I’m going to go for the latter.

However, it has made me think that doing some shorter more impromptu pieces would be worth having a go at. We’ve done some live-streams in the past and so keep an eye out on our Twitter account as I’ll be doing a few more on there over the next few weeks to see how they go. I did a quick pre-game stream yesterday, which you can view on Twitter here:

Twitter Spaces

You may have seen in recent months that Twitter has fully launched its Spaces feature. This allows people to listen, and – most importantly – join in, with audio conversations on Twitter. Currently you can only join a Space using Twitter apps (on iOS, Android etc), but the ability to do so via PC/Mac is in the works, apparently.

I’m planning to give it a go today by launching a Space at 20:30 UK time, 12.30 Oakland time. We’ll spend some time building up to the series finale against Cleveland (first pitch 21:05/01.05pm). I’ve not used it before so it may be a bit of a disaster on this first attempt, but that’s all part of the fun!

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