Draft Environmental Impact Report for new A’s ballpark is published

The A’s quest for a new ballpark has had so many false starts over the past two decades that it’s impossible not to be cautious with our optimism.

From previous site renderings in Oakland, to the aborted relocations to Fremont and San Jose, there has been an array of impressive designs that looked great on paper (or screen) but got no further.

The City of Oakland publishing the Draft EIR today is another step along the way of the A’s finally securing their future in Oakland with a new ballpark that we can all be proud of. There’s still a long way to go, but Team President Dave Kaval has undoubtedly created some momentum.

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the timescale back by at least a year, the hope is still that the A’s will have a new ballpark on the waterfront to move in to when their existing lease at the Coliseum runs out at the end of the 2024 season.

All the details, including some new renderings of the wonderful ballpark design, can be found at

By Matt Smith

Matt has been writing about baseball and football (soccer) for many a year. He's one of the three Oakland A's UK crew and the one you'll most often see blogging at and presenting videos on our YouTube channel. He also writes a blog about Norwich City Football club at

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