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A’s sign Cole Irvin

No, he’s not our new shortstop. At least I hope that’s not the plan.

Hard as it is, we need to separate the anger towards John Fisher and take this deal for what it is.

Irvin is someone who has struggled in brief Major League spells with the Phillies, but has a solid track record in the Minor Leagues. He was available, and available just for cash rather than a player trade, because the Phillies’ 40-man roster was full and they needed to clear a space to add new signing Matt Moore.

So the A’s had an opportunity to add a left-handed pitcher who has a Minor League option remaining (i.e. he can be moved freely between Triple-A and the Majors for one more season) for as close to nothing as it gets. That’s a sensible decision when you’ve got a limited budget to play with. He gives the A’s another left-handed option to call on as a spot-starter or to play a long-relief role as and when that’s needed.

As this podcast by our friend at Phillies UK shows, he’s a good guy too:

Don’t push the frustration of the situation on to Irvin. As a minor deal it’s a worthwhile addition and hopefully he turns into a useful pitcher for us.

By Matt Smith

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