Back to it in 2021

Has it really been nearly three months? Turns out, yes, it’s been a while as the despondency of being beaten by those Houston Astros weighed heavy in what was a very tough year all around.

However, 2021 is now here and even though we can’t claim things are looking up when it comes to Covid-19, here in the UK in particular, there’s nothing quite like putting a new calendar on the wall to encourage a bit of blind optimism.

Our initial A’s UK plans included a trip to the States at the end of July/early August. That’s far enough away right now to still be vaguely possible, although it seems unlikely. We don’t yet know quite what the MLB season will end up looking like, let alone if any fans will be allowed in ballparks.

What we do know is that there will be A’s baseball at some point and, as 2020 proved, the simple pleasure of watching a ballgame should never be taken for granted.

We’re drawing up our 2021 A’s UK plans this month, but we already know they’ll include carrying on the social media accounts, the YouTube channel, this blog, and our podcast. In fact, I’ve just finished putting some notes together ahead of our first podcast recording this coming week.

Happy New Year to you all. As John Lennon once sang: “Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fear”.

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