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Game 15: A’s Make It Eight

When the revised 2020 schedule was announced, we all pondered whether the A’s playing 12 of our first 16 games at home was a good thing or not?

Although it gave the A’s a chance to get off to a great start, it also put pressure on them to make the home games count whilst not fully up to speed.

Well, that pressure was quickly pushed to one side as Oakland has been a haven for the A’s. The latest victory came on Saturday, 3-1 over the Houston Astros, and although it was a tight contest throughout, the A’s were never really under serious threat of making the early 1-0 lead slip once Marcus Semien led off the bottom of the first inning with a solo home run.

A few things stood out to me from Game Two when I looked at the Baseball Savant data, so I put together a YouTube video going through the key points.

By Matt Smith

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