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Game 10: That Winning Feeling

From a 3-game losing streak to a 3-game winning streak: the A’s are on the charge!

Month after month of working from home does get quite tiresome, but it does have its perks too. One came today when I was able to enjoy watching back the A’s 8-run fifth inning over lunch. The hitherto struggling A’s offence suddenly burst into life and it was wonderful to see.

Ramon Laureano continued his heroics, yet just as important was the performance by Khris Davis. He started the big inning off with a hard-earned one-out walk and then backed it up two innings later with a home run.

The celebrations from his teammates in the bullpen showed just what it meant to everyone on the club; they know that if KD gets going then he can carry the team for a stretch. His contribution to sealing a 3-1 series win against the Mariners could be a turning point in his season.

Up next

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, we now have the first MLB start for Jesus Luzardo to look forward to. Yes it’s a shame no fans can be at the Coliseum to cheer him on, and the 2.10am start for us doesn’t make it very convenient to watch live either, but it will still be a memorable event anyway.

Good luck to The Messiah!

By Matt Smith

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