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Game 5: Back to the drawing board (or scorecard)

Game 5 of the A’s 2020 season took place in the early hours of Wednesday morning UK time. It was the first game that I wasn’t able to watch live and so I had the customary British baseball fan experience of finding out what had happened overnight whilst eating my breakfast.

I knew there would be a Tweet coming from fellow A’s UK-er Dom soon enough as I read the result!

We recorded our latest podcast on Tuesday evening and I mentioned that I had taken to scoring the A’s game on Sunday to change things up after Oakland lost on Saturday. As it did the trick I kept score again on Monday and we won again, prompting me to apologise to A’s fans if we lost the opener against the Rockies.

Well, we did lose, 8-3, and so I am duty-bound to keep score for the A’s next game. Thankfully it’s an 8.40pm start here in the UK today (Wednesday).

Other things of note

Tuesday’s game wasn’t a great contest for the A’s, not least with the batting line-up again failing to fire.

Attention has fallen on Khris Davis and, despite us all wanting KD to succeed, it’s hard not to have concerns. He has looked lost at the plate and yesterday’s performance – 0-for-4 with 2 strike-outs and 9 (nine!) runners left on base – piled even more pressure onto his slumping shoulders. KD is getting Wednesday off and will be working with Hitting Coach Darren Bush today and tomorrow to try to get his timing back on track.

Congratulations to Jordan Weems for making his MLB debut last night. He can be proud of his efforts, pitching 3 innings in relief of Daniel Mengden and giving up 2 runs.

By Matt Smith

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