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Game 4: Opening Series Win

Amidst the concerning Covid-19 outbreak news from the Miami Marlins camp, our A’s ensured we would have at least one series win in 2020 by shutting-out the Angels on Monday.

There were so many great things to see, made all the better by it being a day-game (8.40pm start in UK) and on British TV.

Matt Chapman hadn’t looked himself in the first three games, both at the plate and in the field. He put that right with an outstanding performance in Game Four, going 3-for-4 and helping to turn several key outs with the glove.

Chris Bassitt did a decent job setting the tone on the mound, helping himself by coolly starting the 1-2-3 double-play to get out of a bases-loaded jam in the fourth inning, and the bullpen continued their sterling work to lock the game down.

Add in our first Matt Canha home run of the season, accompanied by our first Matt Canha bat flip of the season, and it all went pretty much to plan.

Catching Mike Trout looking at strike three to end the game put the cherry on the cake, or perhaps the anchovy on the pizza depending on your taste.

Season up in the air?

Quite what wining games and series is going to mean in MLB this year remains to be seen. If any more games have to be postponed across the league due to Covid-19 outbreaks then, given the limited time available, the standings may well be judged solely on winning percentage.

Up next …

Who knows, would be one way to answer that.

In theory the A’s jump straight into a two-game home series against the Colorado Rockies. As things stand there is no reason for the games not to be played; one team having an outbreak on the east coast doesn’t materially affect this series although if more positive tests come out today then the public clamour for the season to be called off will grow.

The concerns are merited, although we need to know a lot more about precisely what has happened with the Marlins to take a considered view on it all and in all likelihood some of that information is going to be kept confidential.

Without wishing to cast aspersions on anyone, it may be that someone was – or some people were – not adhering to the safety protocols. That wouldn’t change the overall risk level, but it would focus the minds of all in how important it is to ensure precautions are taken if the season can be carried out as safely as possible.

For now, Game One against the Rockies is set for 6.40pm in Oakland, making for an early 2.40am start in the UK.

By Matt Smith

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