2020 MLB Season about to begin

Nearly four months after the original scheduled Opening Day, the 2020 MLB season is finally going to begin.

That means it’s a good time to relaunch the A’s UK blog.

I decided to start again, so have deleted the previous posts from last year. It’s not something I would normally do, but actually it’s cathartic in some ways.

Wipe the slate clean and start from scratch.

The A’s opener isn’t until Friday (well, 3am Saturday morning for us in the UK); however after waiting for so long I guess we might even be able to enjoy games involving the Yankees and Giants. Stranger things have happened.

By Matt Smith

Matt has been writing about baseball and football (soccer) for many a year. He's one of the three Oakland A's UK crew and the one you'll most often see blogging at OaklandAUK.com and presenting videos on our YouTube channel. He also writes a blog about Norwich City Football club at CanaryInAGoalMine.uk

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